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  • Kelli Rae Wilson

children serving Christ

Sometimes we protect our kids so much that we do them harm when it comes to teaching them to serve others. In a world full of moral decay, how do we choose between what is proper protection and what is hovering/helicoptering and sheltering?

What IS okay and expected for serving:

•It's okay for your children to feel uncomfortable. Most serving opportunities are uncomfortable but strips us of selfishness.

•It's okay for your children to feel out-of-place. I know parents who shelter their kids from wearing a hair net, at Feed My Starving Children, because they don't want to embarrass their child😱. Service helps kids see it's not about ourselves.

•It's okay for your children to feel hurt for others. You know the powerful saying, "Jesus, break my heart for what breaks yours".... Our kids need to see what breaks His heart, in order to know what breaks His heart.

•It's okay for your children to see you and your spouse rely on God for finding answers on their request to serve. I know many parents who see their child's desire to serve in missions but the parent is scared so they just say no. Having fear and letting your kids know you rely on Christ for answers, teaches them how to rely on Christ while serving.

•It's okay to take risks. Example: not going into the city to help the homeless, because you are scared of driving into the city, is selfish. Take the risk with your children. God calls us to places that are the least favorable and often times the devil puts a false fear in us. (This goes the same with flying😬).

•The best principle to teach little kids about serving (Matthew 20:16):

Jesus First, Others Second, I am last

Here are 6 reasons to take your kids to the hard places:


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