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Who Am I?

A daughter of Christ. A child of (YHWH)Yahweh.


Please know this, I love to write, but I do not consider myself a "writer". My Blog is full of grammatical errors. My mistakes on paper show normalcy and transparency. I write about  truth, hope, discernment, obedience and love. 

It is a privilege to be loved by a King and an honor to grow kids God's way. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. As my family and home grow spiritually, in the favor of God's love, much is revealed.


My heart and passion is to know God's love more and to never stop growing in that love. As I learn more, I have a passion to share that love with you. I truly enjoy growing women and children through ministry. My life's calling is to never retire, but to live in God's fullness while doing ministry as his disciple of Jesus Christ. 

My second passion is my love for children. The Godly nurturing, raising, training, mentoring and discipling of all children (of all ages) is imperative to the next generation coming back to the heart of the Lord. We know only God can best equip us moms in these moments. 


I have 6 children ranging in ages from 6months years to 20 years. There has been a time when I have had a newborn, a toddler, an elementary aged child and a teenager all living within my home and it truly has been the best time of my life. My prayer is for the Lord to open our home and hearts to more children in the future. 


My third passion is the heart of the orphan and abandoned child. These are the children who need nurture the most. My husband and I have been in orphan care ministry for eight years in Haiti. We also have a daughter that is adopted (domestically). We participate in multiple Bible teaching ministries. Together, my husband and I have completed training in Foster Care, Interstate adoption, FAS, FES Syndrome, Child Development Disorders, which include many secular and Biblical child discipline courses, discrimination courses, and even training working with poverty stricken mothers world wide. Our hearts are always willing to grow and learn. The best source of learning for us has been the wisdom found in God's Word. 


"The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow his precepts have good understanding. To him belongs eternal praise."

~Psalms 111:10

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