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  • Kelli Rae Wilson

Encouraging Moms: parenting

E͟N͟CO͟U͟R͟A͟G͟I͟N͟G͟ M͟O͟M͟S͟....ᴾᴬᴿᴱᴺᵀᴵᴺᴳ:

One might find for months they awake to a new toothless grinning angelιc baby. This is why I love babies- they are innocent, happy, cheerful and full of joy, lιттle bundles. The next week your child is around 10-18months and you notice- defiance, hitting, winning, throwing, laying themselves down, and all the pre-toddler age behavior.

Keep in mind, for this child's entire life, we have catered to their every whim. We waited on them hand and foot and even nursed them to bed like delicate little cupcakes. At some pivotal point, the child who is born in sinful nature will buck the system to show you he demands that constant "all about me" attention.

One thing to realize in raising kids "God's Way" is the correct approach. The approach of the world and the enemy makes mom's stressed, anxiety ridden and unsure. When child has a fit or cries, it's guilt time on parents and especially moms. EARLY on, you have to realize you don't negotiate with this "bucking system". **That is another reason I am a huge supporter of sleep training. To create an authoritative atmosphere the lines are drawn and the lines are kept. The training of toddlers (yes, even babies) is GOING to be chaotic at times. You are essentially training a child into realizing that now .. life slowly ... does not revolve around them .....and, they are required to obey the order and routine of the home.

Postmodern Psychologist disagree with forceful words like "saying no", they encourage negotiations and will often say, "use your words". Much of the entitlement issues came in the 60's when dr's would suggest we "do not hurt a child's self-esteem", by making them upset.

But, God's Word tells us differently. There is a huge epidemic of confusion taking place in the culture of raising children. Most of these issues come from the shame we feel from society. The error in thinking a). Our children all have something medically wrong because someone with a degree told us; and therefore, we need to coddle the bad behavior; or b). It's easier to keep the peace (this is true in places like the grocery store and even in our homes between spouses or grandparents); and therefore, a bigger tantrum would make me look like a bad parent. •••Tots know that... ~Tantrums = I get my way. But, that's sinful.

All children are sinful. Your child is not "less sinful" based on anything you do. There are no "perfect" mothers and fathers. But we do have a perfect God. He gives instructions for even the worst parenting days. Our child's behavior, parent stress, and household can be run by authority in-which the parent supply's through authority and even fear of the Lord. Life maybe hard the week of training, but after training your "yes" will be "yes", and your "no" will be "no".

Psychologist today, even Christian Psychologist, entertain the secular principles of Freudianism and Huminism. Which equate to much entitlement and the rational that "my child is generally good". This is often the world view emphasis. Instead, we know as Christians that foolishness is bound in the heart of the child. Despite a child's upbringing or experiences, God tells us we are responsible for our own actions and he can redeem and restore life through obedience. God tells us in Deuteronomy the secret to Life and Death (in Obedience) and it is NOT too far out reach and does not take a degree, it is not even stored up in the heavens.(Duet30)

Let me remind you, the same God that made your child's unique bold will, learning disability or whatever label is on them-- is the same God that can get them through the life He has purposed for them!

God doesn't ask ..but REQUIRES as parents to love and discipline. Both these ingredients take force, authority, and consistency. #beblessed

Colossians 2:8 "Don't let anyone capture you with empty philosophies and high-sounding nonsense that come from human thinking and from the spiritual powers of this world, rather than from Christ."


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