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  • Kelli Rae Wilson

Mom Life, You Have Been Called...

I found this picture yesterday, it’s from a couple years ago! Crazy how you can take for granted your first years of motherhood. I became a mom the moment I got married.... I was a mom of two within 11 months of marriage. It took moments praying for joy to get to the momma in this photo! I’m holding Koko here and I can honestly say I never wasted a moment savoring her.....I failed at many things, for sure, but I saw with the other kids- life... it’s quick.....!! I’d gather that if you have more than a few kids - you like motherhood. But to the momma out there who can’t wait for the next stage... to the new mom, or mom learning to juggle the first two, who can’t fathom another thing to take care of, It’s a gift, a hand delivered gift - don’t dread this time!!! Immerse yourself in the years that are fleeting!!!! You have been called, you are a treasure hidden among chaos! You have the highest calling and some days that title isn’t revealed, it doesn’t need to be shown perfect because God sees us. We answer to ONE, the One that is unseen, who created the most beloved gifts called our children. These little souls are shaped by our version of who we think they are. They are HIS on loan to us for just a little while.


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