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  • Kelli Rae Wilson

Aaron Hernandez

It was very sad hearing about the Aaron Hernandez news this morning. He really was an amazing college football player, despite his street issues, and anger. Reading about his dad's death through his teen years and his step-dad's abuse, and even his step-dad stabbing his mother before being drafted into the NFL, makes me realize that no matter what this world offers us, it's never enough to heal the depth of despair or brokenness. I enjoyed watching Aaron through the Gator years. These pictures were of us watching him in 09' -Gator's National Championship game in Miami.

I see many facebook jokes about Aaron's death. I believe committing suicide or taking another person's life is absolutely selfish and painful for everyone involved. Regardless of that thought, I can't imagine the hopelessness Aaron felt as he sat convicted of a life sentence and lost everything of earthly value right before his eyes, just a couple years ago. He took his life even while having support of his girlfriend and little daughter, whom he just saw this past month as he was given a "not guilty" plea to two additional murder charges.

He was famous and made more money than most people in the entire world have a chance to make. He was educated and had opportunity children around the world dream of. He lost all that made him feel whole and all that made him feel purposeful. Aaron entangled himself, like most of us do, in multiple scenarios where he thought he was invincible. It left him with harsh consequences. His hot headed ego left him with consequences and those consequences left him with nothing this world could offer him anymore.

I believe someone is reading this post and can relate to his despair. Maybe it's life lost in bad choices or loss of a loved one. Maybe it's an endless legal dispute and being entangled in court. Maybe it's losing parental time with your children or losing a job that holds your family's income together. Maybe a parent rejected you. Perhaps, you messed up and realize now you are destroying your family. Maybe the addiction you are a slave to is tormenting you.

Like Aaron, you could have come to a paralyzing realization that you once had it all and are in a self bondage or prison now. I can honestly say that if I was in Aaron's shoes I would "feel" like I would want to die. But, as a Christian who knows we are never too far gone to be redeemed, I know ending any life is sinful. God can use our broken mess to demonstrate His Glory. For Aaron, it could have been inside the prison walls or being the best father to his little girl (even while being in prison). For others struggling it could be something else. Regardless of what the hopeless situation is, remember you are never too far for Christ to turn your mess into a message. You are never too far to be redeemed. You are never too lost to be found. Right where we are in life is exactly where God meets us.

Isaiah 43:18, "Forget the former things, do not dwell on the past."

•There is no place so deep that God can't pull us from the trenches!


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