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  • Kelli Rae Wilson

simple faith

Today, on the way to school, Karter and I (and I thought Kash too) were having a deep convo about the history of different religions and why some religions believe in only 'some' parts of the Bible. We talked about how Allah is not the same god as our God (who sent his son, Jesus) but talked about why people think that they are the same. We were discussing how Jews don't believe Jesus is the Messiah and about the importance of the Pentecost. This conversation started because Karter's Bible verse this week is out of the book of Acts and his verse talks about the Pentecost- the start of the Christian Church (Acts 2). We talked the whole way to school as Kash stared out the window. When I pulled up to school I said, "Kash, you are so quiet, did you have any questions?", he said, "oh, I wasn't listening.. I thought you and Karter were just talking". I laughed.. BUT in my mind, I immediately was thinking how could he not hear the depth and importance of what Karter and I were discussing? I thought, wow, he just missed all that valuable information..

I thought about Kashton's heart as I drove home and said a little prayer for him. I also reflected on how he's just a child, he has child-like faith and God's word says that's the best kind of faith to have (Matthew 18). Right now, Kashton does not need to understand "the things in this world", because he understands the simple importance of his faith in Jesus and God's word. I know he is simple, he doesn't need many explinations at this point in his life and his personality doesn't require that. He follows the examples that are before him- in his parents, siblings, and teachers.

I know kids are listening even when they do not hear us.

I came home and was clearing the pile of papers the kids left on the counter as they ran out the door this morning for school. The papers I was unable to go through because we were busy practicing spelling, making lunch, and eating breakfast. I came across Kashton's journal. In his journal he writes what makes him happy and what he is thankful for. Suddenly, I am reminded of the happenings a moment prior where his ears were turned off to the conversation about true religion and the one true God. I see what's inside his journal, he knows what's true and he knows what to be thankful for. He is absorbing so much around him even though it may not seem like he is listening. The 3 things he is thankful for hold true to the order in-which God demonstrates a child's order (through family and His Word). He is thankful for a 'home' that keeps him secure in love, and he is thankful for his Bible because everything we do derives from God's word (as a Christian). The things that make him happy are what he did while serving. Haiti made him happy because he took his eyes off himself for that moment in his life and soccer is a gift God gave him to interact with others. This journal was written at school and I had never seen it before. If his foundation is formed on the the truth, he will see what is not true even more clearer in this world. I am thankful for God's timing in all these little works. I learn, a lot, from my children. #HeIs.A.GOOD.GOOD.FATHER

"The world is passing away, and all the things that people want in the world are passing away. But whoever does what God wants will live forever." 1 John 2:17


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