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  • Kelli Rae Wilson

when God shows up

When God Shows Up:

We love this young women. All the children gravitate toward her. Herwine spent the weekend with us as her "American momma" spent time in Haiti, in meetings for AOP. This weekend, we enjoyed soccer games, a birthday party, working on her English college homework, church, riding a Segway and trying Oberweis shakes😍. It just so happened I was home alone this weekend too.

Among all the fun and chaos, my 3 boys had left me speechless with the disrespect they showed to me on Saturday...mortified, really. They fought a lot and showed no prompt obedience, but rather, multiple warnings (my fault). I had a mom moment of horror. At bed time I carried my spanking spoon and Bible into their room to have a serious talk. After discussing the seriousness of their disobedient heart that day, Karter had tears and the other two sat ashamed. Herwine happened to walk into the room just then. She joined us in our Bible time. I could see in her eyes she had something to share. I explained to her I was getting after my boys about the day because I told her how upset I was, honestly, it was probably the worst day I have had all year. She just looked at the boys and said, "Proverbs 10!" -- as we all sat tucked into the boys' room, Karter read Proverbs 10.

Herwine knows this chapter in the Bible without even googling or even having grown up with parents. She has God's word in her heart. --- After we read it and discussed the seriousness of it, Herwine told my boys this: "every kid says they love God", but our actions are what really says if we love God." She proceeded to tell my boys that having parents is a blessing and it's a privilege to be obedient to them (Herwine grew up in an orphanage). She explained that asking more than once to stop fighting or to do something is like disrespecting God.

I love boldness. I love people who have a responsibility to the future generation. We all have a responsibility to help the young be more obedient. Us Americans, we have been the worst at correcting and instructing children on reigning their behavior back. We all have a responsibility to lead and teach. Thank you Celestin Herwine! -- I am so thankful. God shows up through others and meets me right when I need Him!

Proverbs 10:1 A wise son brings joy to his father, but a foolish son brings grief to his mother.


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