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  • Kelli Rae Wilson

Watching Our Children Drown

This month a video went viral of Jamel Dunn, a 31 year old man, drowning in Cocoa Florida. Jamel struggled for approximately 10 minutes while a group of teens watched and video tapped his death, all while taunting him.

About a week went by before I clicked on the link to watch. As I knew I would, I got teary -eyed, emotional, angry, and sat in disbelief. All they had to do was call for help, throw a floating device, encourage him to keep fighting out there. Instead, they watched him die. We see a new evil rise-up in the hearts of the young today.

This video reminded me of a conversation I just had with my mom several weeks ago. It was regarding the epidemic of downing children. Spiritually. We are literally witnessing children spiritually dying and parents won't toss a life preserver. Parents don't call for help (praying their children to the hands of Jesus), parents don't encourage their kids to keep fighting this spiritual battle. They simply are watching their own kids drown.

Day-in and day-out, it's a battle to parent and an even harder battle to parent in the love of Christ. But one thing is true, most any parent would try and rescue their child physically if they were drowning. Most any parent would call for help, and most any parent would yell encouraging tips to "keep going" and "keep kicking". Physically, on this earth we would do anything for our children. But, what about after this earth? Because earth and everything in it passes away (Matthew 24:35).

Spiritually and eternally, studies show over half of all children are not being thrown the life preserver. Parents you are watching your children drown. Not-to-mention, you aren't even teaching them at a young age to swim or tread the deep waters.

So many parents (I'm guilty too) focus on what our kids need to succeed in this world that will pass away. But this focus has trumped the parent's heart of realizing what is going to save their children eternally. Their relationship with God, through Jesus Christ, is what saves them. He is the life preserver. Are you watching your child spiritually drown? That's just as bad as what happened to Jamel Dunn, if not- worse, because we are appointed these gifts by God himself to help rescue them from the principalities of this world and Satan himself.

Sunday has now gone from a holy day of rest and fellowship, going to church to hear the word, to just a "Sunday Funday". Parents with little ones have every excuse under the sun why they can't sit or go to church. Most parents, even myself, feel so wiped out at night that closing the night with prayer and devotion to God's Word is secondary to demanding them to brush their teeth. Signing-up for sports camp and camp to get out-of mom's hair this summer seems more popular than sitting down daily at breakfast for family time and discussing scripture.

I can walk any street and ask children "who is Jesus"? What is he to your life? Most haven't got a clue. He is the life preserver to saving their life and they don't even see it to reach for it.

Parents, if the viral video of Jamel Dunn disturbed you, check your own home and heart and think about this- are you guilty too? Are you watching your children die but standing on the shores taunting them with meaningless goals and successes that won't save them. Is your main priority something other than teaching them the way to eternal life? Please think about these things.

Remember, you don't have to be the life preserver. God has gifted us that (Jesus). You may not even know the encouragements or way to go about this because you yourself were never thrown the life preserver. But call for help, PRAY!

Jesus wants our hearts. He wants the desire. He wants to be the life preserver.


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